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eID-Me helps you increase customer conversions and reduce abandonment rates. Onboarding and checkout with remote identity verification can be completed in seconds. Manual and in-person review of physical identity documents can be eliminated, and age can be easily verified to control the purchase of age-restricted products.

Mobile app with a digital driver's licence and ID info, including name, birthdate, and address.

With eID-Me, fraudulent and unverified individuals can be prevented from registering, accessing online accounts, and purchasing products. Credit card and identity fraud can be prevented. Access to online services can be protected using a trusted digital identity issued to clients on their smartphone.

Applicable Verticals

The following retailers can benefit from eID-Me:

  • Online Retailers
  • Restricted Goods Retailers
  • Luxury Goods Retailers

  • Automotive Dealers
  • Recreational Vehicle Dealers
  • Commercial Equipment Dealers

Customer Benefits

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Increase Customer Conversions

Improve acquisition and conversion rates with a streamlined experience including the automatic population of customer information.

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Reduce Abandonment Rates

Minimize purchase abandonment during the checkout process by reducing manual entry and removing points of friction.

An application with account information and a shield.

Prevent Account Takeover

Defend online logins against account takeover with identity verification and password-free multi-factor authentication (MFA).

A credit card.

Prevent Payment Fraud

Secure card not present (CNP) payments by confirming the identity of the cardholder and checking proof of credit card possession.

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Prevent Identity Fraud

Verify that the person you are communicating or transacting with is who they claim to be, and protect users from fraudulent activity.

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Simplify Age Verification

Verify the age of customers within existing onboarding and checkout processes, without exposing other customer information.

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Applicable Solutions

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Identity Verification

Get verified customers, reduce fraud, comply with regulations, and more.

Sending ID information, such as age, birthdate, and address, from a mobile phone to a laptop.

Digital Identity / Digital Wallet

Instantly request verified ID info (ePassport, mDL, and more) from a secure digital wallet on customer smartphones.

eID-Me Identity Verification Explained

Watch how your users can verify their identity remotely with eID-Me.

Learn more in a live demo of eID-Me.

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Learn more in a live demo of eID-Me.

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